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An alternative to natural stone - PU stone

2024-02-06 10:35:29

In interior decoration, natural stone veneer will be used to create a concave and convex texture on the wall. With the popularity of wabi-sabi style, designers have become more enthusiastic about the application of natural materials in recent years. However, natural stone has many problems such as raw materials, cost, transportation, and construction that are difficult to solve. The emergence of PU stone can be used as a substitute for natural stone to achieve the effect of "fake and real".

1. What is PU stone?

PU is an organic polymer material. Its Chinese name is polyurethane, or polyurethane for short. It is a multi-form and widely used synthetic resin product made through the foaming principle. PU stone is a new type of artificial wall decoration material made of this material through mold pressing.
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As a kind of imitation stone veneer, PU stone has rough texture fracture surface and concave and convex texture. In appearance, it can be almost consistent with the appearance of natural stone, and it is extremely light in weight. Its application range also extends from the original outdoor space. Expand to indoor spaces, such as: background walls, cabinets, wainscots, columns and other space surfaces.

2. Advantages of PU stone

● The texture of the mold is made by pouring molds of real stone. It looks like natural stone and has a delicate and lifelike texture.
● No radioactive pollution, non-toxic and tasteless.
● Light weight, only 5Kg per square meter, no need for other mechanical cooperation.
● Good fire resistance, temperature resistance from minus 20 degrees to high temperature 120 degrees
● It is made of polymer material and sprayed with high-strength paint to make it acid-resistant, sun-proof and durable.
● It is quick and convenient to install and can be used on most flat substrates indoors.
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