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An epoch-making innovator in the decoration industry-PVC marble sheet

2024-02-06 11:25:58

In this resource-scarce society, people have begun to develop new energy sources that can replace natural production, such as PVC marble sheet. Real marble is not only expensive, but mining will destroy the natural ecological environment, thus giving birth to PVC marble sheet. Marble decorative panels are used in decoration.

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PVC marble sheet is a kind of decorative product with realistic texture, pattern and texture of natural marble. It not only has the realistic decorative effect of natural marble and the superior performance of ceramic tiles, but also abandons the various natural defects of natural marble. It is an important part of the decoration industry An epoch-making innovator and a representative work of modern top wall decoration, it is another new category of wall panels after porcelain tiles, polished tiles, antique tiles and micro crystalline stone tiles. High-end home decoration requires wall panels, and the first choice should be imitation marble decorative panels.
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So what is the performance of PVC marble sheet with natural marble realistic texture, pattern and texture?

● The material component is polymer material, 100% waterproof, so there is no moldy damp and other problems.
● The surface is high clear, three-dimensional effect, simulation degree of more than 95%.
● After the surface of UV special treatment, make the plate surface smooth, not easy to scratch, convenient for dust removal.
● All colors using imported jade grain scan synthesis, the whole is luxurious, fashionable and high-grade atmospheric style!
● Acid and alkali corrosion resistance, traditional plate comparison, with better physical and chemical performance, to ensure that EO board lasting for a long time, and solve the color difference phenomenon. 
● Instead of the traditional UV plate, crystal plate, aluminum plastic plate, cement fiber slate board and other surface is not clear, three-dimensional effect is not good, high cost disadvantages 
● Instead of artificial jade, artificial stone, marble tile, wood decoration panel and other wall materials cost high disadvantages, installation is not convenient, cutting trouble and other disadvantages.
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